Pharyngula readers in Ottawa

PZ over at Pharyngula reports that readers of his blog are meeting up in various places. Well, if there are any people in Ottawa who are interested in meeting, we can try to set it up here in the comments.

Any place I can get to by bus is fine with me, maybe a weekend lunch time? Possibilities would be

  • Lone Star at Baseline and Fisher
  • Sushi Kan at Baseline and Merivale
  • Some place in Chinatown

Or suggestions from somebody else, I’m not very familiar with the spots to eat in the city, places where a group can sit, eat, and talk for a while.

3 thoughts on “Pharyngula readers in Ottawa

  1. Ottawa Pharyngulites (or should that be Pharyngulists?) might be interested in this upcoming event:

    Evolution vs Creationism – 29 Feb at Ottawa U

    Additional excuses to go somewhere to eat, drink and chat with like-minded people are always welcome. The Royal Oak in the Glebe is a good place for week nights – not sure about weekend lunches, but I have found that most people dependent on buses prefer downtown to suburbs.

    If you get something set up, I would be happy to offer to use my meetup account to announce and co-ordinate the get-together.

  2. Well, this is turning out to be a group of two, between me and the first ever comment on this blog, so I’m not expecting much more to come of this right now. I’ll try to make the Friday talk, anyway.

  3. Well, a pretty good fraction of the folks who turn out for the book club (see other events on that MeetUp site) are also Pharygulists to some extent, so it amounts to about the same thing.

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