Some Lisp musings, part 9

I mentioned earlier that the macro-generating macro was essentially done.  There is one more new control loop that I find frequent need of.  Sometimes, it is sufficient to loop over the values, I don’t actually need a user-visible variable with the iterator itself.  So, we can build a new looping construct that loops through the contents of the dl-list, instead of through iterators into the dl-list.  This time, we’ll jump right to the general case.

(defmacro create-n-value-loop (n name iter-loop-to-use)
  (assert (and (integerp n) (> n 0)))
  (let (value-symbols iter-symbols)
    (dotimes (i n)
      (push (intern (format nil "ITER~D" i)) iter-symbols)
      (push (intern (format nil "VALUE~D" i)) value-symbols))
    (setf iter-symbols (reverse iter-symbols))
    (setf value-symbols (reverse value-symbols))
    `(defmacro ,name ((dl-list ,@value-symbols 
                               &key start end circular reverse)
                      &body body)
       (let ((dl-cap (gensym))
             ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (x) 
                           `(,x (gensym))) 
         `(let ((,dl-cap ,dl-list))
             (,dl-cap ,,@iter-symbols
                      :start ,,'start
                      :end ,,'end
                      :circular ,,'circular
                      :reverse ,,'reverse)
             (let (,,@(mapcar 
                       #'(lambda (x y) 
                              (iter-contents ,,'dl-cap ,,y)))
                       value-symbols iter-symbols))

This creates macros like value-loop, the by-hand version of which is reproduced here:

(defmacro value-loop ((dl-list value0 
                               &key start end circular reverse)
                      &body body)
  (let ((dl-cap (gensym))
        (iter (gensym)))
    `(let ((,dl-cap ,dl-list))
       (iter-loop (,dl-cap ,iter 
                           :start ,start :end ,end
                           :circular ,circular :reverse ,reverse)
        (let ((,value0 (dl-list:iter-contents ,dl-cap ,iter)))

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