Getting Lisp programming help

I’m not really going to say much here, there are places you can go to get help with Lisp problems.  One can go looking at the usual suspects, like stackoverflow or the Lisp reddit page.  You can also look for help on the #lisp IRC channel on  There may even be a Lisp users group in your local area.

As always, though, don’t perform drive-by questioning where you pop in, brusquely ask a question, then run off.  By asking questions on any of these, you’re talking with real people who have to take the time to explain to you, they’re doing you a favour.  Spend a few hours reading the text of other questions, or watching the interactions of the people on the IRC channel.  Get to understand the culture of the group you’re going to be asking questions of, even if just a little bit.  Also, spend some time trying to figure out the solution to your problem before going for help, and, if appropriate, describe what you tried to do and what went wrong.  The replies you receive are likely to be more helpful then, as people explain not only how you should approach the problem, but also why your unsuccessful attempts did not work out.

Later, when you feel your understanding is sufficient, consider spending time watching those resources for an opportunity to help newcomers.

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